“One Church” Sermon Series

by The Ecclesiologist

The Anabaptist, multi-site church phenomenon in Ontario, The Meeting House, started an interesting sermon series this summer entitled “One Church.”  Though many Americans have no clue about this Canadian church movement consisting of some 11 sites, this church has great influence in Ontario.  Though much criticism can be offered to The Meeting House’s lack of ecclesiological thought, this series will provide a great opportunity to hear of the Meeting House’s ecclesiology (as well as other denomination’s ecclesiology) strait from their pastor’s mouth.

Though much could be said about The Meeting House’s view of worship and their thoughts on the purpose of the saints assembling together, this sermon series provides some of the best contemporary ecclesiological interactions I know of.  Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to look at these 10 “sermons,” especially as it relates to their ecclesiological thought and interact with each of the lectures.

The sermon audio and video can be found here.  I hope a good discussion will follow.