The Business of Church Examined

by The Ecclesiologist

Over at the White Horse Inn blog, Eric Landry has a great post reflecting on his time at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

The post can be found here.

As one who grew up in a Willow Creek network church, my passion for ecclesiology came as a result of seeing the subject utterly ignored.  The church growth movement ignored any discussion of ecclesiology that wasn’t immediately practical and didn’t visibly multiply their church.  This created a vacuum in ecclesiastical thought, and Willow Creek (with her minions) consciously allowed business models to fill the ecclestical vacuum instead of the teachings of the Scriptures.  Let’s be honest, the business models are much better for marketing and growth that the Scriptures.

Landry’s post is worth reading.  He challenges the reader to reflect on the way the agenda of businesses and  the agenda of churches are different.  I cannot imagine what North American Christianity would look like if every church reflected on this statement.

Earlier this week on Twitter I mockingly asked North Park University who their dual degree program (MDiv & MBA) is marketed for, ministers who will soon leave the ministry for the business world or for churches run like businesses?  Unfortunately, similar questions have to be asked of much of our current so called ecclesiology.  Are we eventually going to stop calling the church a church and start calling it a business or are we going to continue pretending like the church always has been a business?