Ecclesiology and Beards

by The Ecclesiologist

Toby Sumpter recently put up this chart:

I found it very helpful for those who are working through ecclesiological issues.  A larger view of the chart can be found here.

Some readers will be interested to know that Acts 29’s ruling that the Soul Patch was not mandatory for pastors was not the first ruling of its type.  Many Christians have debated facial hair.  The Eastern Orthodox, in my opinion, really have their act together as it relates to facial hair.  In one of the Church’s finer moments in history the now “Apostolic Christian Church,” an anabaptist denomination, divided over the issue of men wearing mustaches with their beards (think of the Amish beard without the mustache).  The division took place because one party (the Judiazers) believed that Christians were not permitted to wear a mustache with their beard and the other party (libertines) thought that mustaches were ok.

I am hoping somebody will turn the beard chart into some form of a denominational field guide soon.