LCMS Talking to Non-Lutherans!

by The Ecclesiologist

I was happy to read that the conservative wing of the American Lutheran Church (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) is considering entering into a dialogue with the Anglican Church in North America about contemporary issues.  Though this idea is certainly frightening to some LCMSers, I think this move is healthy.  More information can be found here.

Many conservative break off denominations run the risk of becoming microdenominations if they refuse to make friends with and enter into dialogue with other denominations.  Break off denominations often have much more in common with other break off denominations than we often want to admit.  Conservatives need to strengthen one another, even if we are of other denominations.

As a member in a conservative Presbyterian denomination, I can only pray that the LCMS would also encourage and challenge their Presbyterians brethren in the future.  I have no idea why Presbyterians leave conservative Presbyterian churches and head to Rome, Constantinople or Canterbury in search of good liturgy.  The Lutherans, especially the LCMS have provide Christ’s Church was some of the most beautiful liturgies in the past 400 years.  We Presbyterians have a lot to learn from them.

In other Lutheran news, C.F.W. Walther, the first president of both Concordia Seminary and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod turned 200 yesterday.  If you do not know about him, you should.