Mars Hill Elder Apology for Cease and Desist

by The Ecclesiologist

I was glad to see this apology from the Mars Hill Seattle elders related to their threat to an Assemblies of God church plant that eligibly stole their name and logo, but I am still shocked as to why the elders felt the need for this cease and desist letter?  Is this what it means to protect the flock?

This controversy makes me wonder if Protestants shouldn’t put a moratorium on creative, individual names for churches.  Why can’t church plants just use the church’s denominational name and the neighbourhood in which it hopes to serve?

It seems like much of our branding is simply an attempt to market our churches over an against other churches.  Can we Biblical defend this idea?  Denominations are bad enough, do we need each individual church competing with “the competition” through branding?  Maybe “consumer Christians” are not ultimately the problem; maybe our marketing strategies are creating what we thought was the problem.