An Academic on Preaching

by The Ecclesiologist

Theological Professor Dr. Michael Bird recently gave some thoughts on preaching.  As an academic he engages the dilemma which many pastors find themselves in, not preaching over the head of the congregation and yet not preaching an overly shallow sermon.  His suggestions:

(1) Identify with your audience.

(2) The form should be easy and aesthetically nice to heart, but the content should be theologically informed.

(3) Remember, preaching is based on good exegesis, but it is not a display of your exegesis.

(4) Preaching is about persuasion, changing peoples’ hearts and minds, not just imparting more information

(5) The most important elements of the sermon are the first thing and the last thing you say, so find a way to make it sing and sting!

These are great (albeit simply) thoughts on how to preach from an academic worth thinking about for those who preach.