Jesus Verses Religion

by The Ecclesiologist

More than likely, you have seen this video:

While it is tempting to write a lengthy ecclesiological response to it, Matthew Cantirino over at First Things did the hard work for me.  His review of the video can be found here.

It is important that we do not forget that a similar dichotomy has been popularized by Rev. Dr. Tim Keller.  He draws the false dichotomy between the Gospel and Religion (see his Gospel in Life curriculum for the most clear example of this).  I am well aware of the fact that Keller inherited the dichotomy from Jack Miller and the Sonship movement.

While a lot of criticism has been offered to BBall1989’s video, I do not think people realize they are subtly criticizing Keller and Miller.  I wonder why nobody has pushed back at Keller’s dichotomy.

These dichotomies are dangerous.  These dichotomies are to blame, in part, for our present lack of concern for ecclesiology.  Let us not forget that the Church is part of the Good News.  It is not in opposition to the Gospel.