Gnostic Ecclesiology

by The Ecclesiologist

I am not sure what is more disturbing about this article, the author’s poor ecclesiology or the fact that over 500 people have commented on this post. 

If one is going to take on the monstrous task of saying “I am a member of the catholic church, just not a local one,” I would hope to see some interaction with the Scriptures as to how that is possible. Also, It is serious business to leave a local church, and again, I would love to see Mrs. Evan’s arguments as to why her local church deviated from the Scriptures.

I would highly recommend that Mrs. Evans pastor sit down with her, and help her see from the Scriptures the importance of things like ordination, baptism, membership, etc. … Oh wait, she has no one in ordained authority over her.  That’s right. 

Saying you are a member of the church universal and not a member of a local church is almost as silly as saying your soul is Christian but your body is not.  This is gnostic ecclesiology at its finest.