… And Another One Bites the Tiber

by The Ecclesiologist

Jason Stellman’s departure from the PCA is already old news in the blog world.  Stelllman was made famous for his obsession with 2 kingdoms theology and his actions as the prosecuting party in the heresy trial of the Rev. Dr. Peter Leithart.  His departure came as a shock, but his “brand” of confessionalism required him to be on a never ending quest for certainty.  The best review of Stellman’s actions is found in the Barlow Farm’s blog.  The post can be found here.

In a recent post by Stellman (found here) Stellman says that, in the midst of his struggles with questions about sola Scriptura and sola Fide, he met with Mike Horton, Ligon Duncan, and James White.  I honestly think, sitting down with Leithart or Meyers and discussing these issues might have been more helpful than he realized. But, as we all know, sometimes our allies become our enemies and our enemies enemies start to look like our friends.

I’ve been praying for Jason. I know how it feels to be confused and frustrated about catholicity and messy ecclesiology.  I am constantly praying for his wife and children. They will be part of this conversion too.