Covenant Life Church Polity Position Paper

by The Ecclesiologist

The Sovereign Grace Ministries Refuge site has recently “leaked” a position paper related to the church polity written Covenant Life Church (Sr. Pastor Josh Harris).  You can read the paper here.

Many who frequently comment and post at the Sovereign Grace Ministries Refuge see this paper as a step in the right direct as it formally denounces the “ongoing apostolic office or hierarchical structure of governance above the local church.”

It is painful to watch a denomination attempt to set forth a new ecclesiology long after they have been functionally practicing another  form.  The fact that a flagship church, which has functionally been the center of a denomination for some time, is now is now writing a position paper on ecclesiology is disappointing.  It is encouraging that they have swallowed their pride and taken up the task none-the-less.  I do not think Sovereign Grace is the only denomination that will have to retrofit position papers, soon Calvary Chapel will loose their Moses (Chuck Smith).  How will this denomination recover?  What will happen to Acts 29 and Mars Hill after Driscoll moves on?

Every church has ecclesiology, no matter how much the church might hate denominations.  The goal is to have a Biblical and faithful ecclesiology.